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About The Company

The company "Comupak" - the leading Russian enterprise, producing high-quality cardboard and corrugated packaging. Company "Comupak" is well known in Russia, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg and also abroad.

More than 20 years in corrugated packaging business has enabled to Company "Comupak" to achieve and to increase our position, to gain extensive expertise, to develop impeccable quality, using modern technologies, professional solutions with a team of highly qualified stuff.

The basis of the success and popularity of our company is strict compliance with the international standards in the design and implementation of a packaging solution for a specific product.

Company "Comupak" possess a complex of production and technological opportunities which are provides to satisfy the most demanding customers with regard their individual features of their products and preferences.

We are constantly developing and completely open to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Creating and developing Your business with "Comupak" You'll find a reliable and stable partner that is able to provide a personal, comprehensive and prompt approach to solving all your complex task.

Provide services and products

  • Manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging of all shapes and sizes
  • Производство упаковки из гофрированного картона
  • The application of flexographic printing on corrugated boxes
  • Упаковка из картона - флексопечать
  • Packaging with full color printing
  • Упаковка из картона - полноцветная печать (кашировка)
  • Manufacturer of cutting equipment
  • Упаковка из картона - вырубная оснастка (штанцформы)
  • The packaging design
  • Упаковка из картона - дизайн
  • Selling packaging materials
  • Упаковка из картона - упаковочные материалы